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Yes the auto modes disable the fixed manual attack release settings and the ballistics of the compressor are set purely by a programme dependant algorithm. The attack and release parameters are not simply set fixed to the value of attack and release user settings from manual mode. This would introduce distortion, modulation and/or pumping.
The automodes provided have styles, changing the way the algorithm works. Vocal catches transients keeps distortion low for vocal range and attempts to prevent pumping. Tight rms speeds things up at the expense of distortion. But you can create tight fatter sounds on bass and percussion.

Manual mode does also employ a distortion smoother too in the background, like most analog compressors. The goal as i explained was a smooth manual mode with minimal distortion that still catches transients. Not a particular musical sound. The auto modes do have character and we can extend these in future.

Selecting an auto mode does NOT change the makeup gain or ratio or threshold it simple changes the way the compressor deals with attack and release.

We have not thrown extended R&D so far at more models. The goal was to get the manual mode working as i described a transparent low distortion compressor thats still reacts quickly when needed.
We did some auto modes to suit programme. We plan to develop this to emulate compressors you like in the future.
Please try the auto modes and give us feedback.
Also the screen histogram of the GR may help explain the ballistics.

Also we are investigating the sc source selection for the future.