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I would really appreciate multiselect on faders and some visual “selected fader(s)” indication.

So far, i noticed that you can move faders on the editor, by clicking them once and then using arrow-up and arrow-down (or page up and down for larger changes). Nice for minor changes in volume.

However, no indication which fader is actually “selected” ie, controlled by the arrows.

Once that were the case, why not implement fader multiselect (control-click for instance, or click and drag, to select all faders within the selection rectangle). That would be a good solution to control some faders that would otherwise be controlled separately, just like using moving some faders together on the surface.

Beside that:
Also, my vote for scene fading for theater use.
Ganging on the editor: how nice would it be if, while selecting the channels, the channel name were shown next to the channel number.