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@selfmade – The compression is nowhere near musical enough. If i am doing a conference or something unimportant then i will use the onboard comps. However for A-list artistes like Mariah Carey something this abrupt and harsh is not acceptable!

I know digi compression does work ok, for instance Horace Ward is using everything onboard the Digidesign Profile FOH for the Beyonce tour …. zero outboard!

And regarding using a DBX160 as “Far too much for live” – This is classed as one of the most basic, transparent sounding comps for the money, this is an obvious choice for a basic compressor for live…

… given the choice i would much rather have a 160SL or XTA D2 but budget and supply in some of the backwards foreign counties i tour mean that this is not always possible.

DBX160’s are like Starbucks coffee shops… you can easily find one in every city!

I strongly think that the future of iLive is letting 3rd parties develop plugins and then being able to store them on an iLok key, of course there would have to be a cost involved but this cost would only be a fraction to that of actually buying a rack of classic outboard gear.


It’s all up to choice and preference actually, iLive did make a good mixer in a ‘box’. We just installed it less than a month now and it sounds great! Of course we can install any outboard effects if we feel iLive cannot give what we want but overall we love the iLive. Have fun guys!![:D]