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i disagree with grahamwhite!

i usually work ith analog board and equipment (midas,bss, drawmer…) and i have to say, that working with ilive is nearly the same feeling!
for me the ilive is a perfect solution in the way to spear place and material at the foh.
my generell question is, for what do you need a DBX160?!
that´s far to much for live!

in german we like to say:”perlen für die säue!”

2. i always feed extra buses by aux/group or matrix buses. i never use the factory settings for LCR or LR/Sub, for me it´s unuseful.
3. you have a on/off button at the channel´s for asign grouping, if you press the MIX button at the group!
1. if you want to change the signal-flow of the peripherie, send the signal through a group!
than you can eq,compress and deess at different postion´s!