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Merry Christmas.

I will only comment on the signal chain. As for comp after EQ I can say this is normal and most used. If you comp before EQ you will have the comp reacting and working on materiel that you might not want in the end result. E.g. a accoustick guitar with a huge peak in 600 Hz making the comp go to minus 15 on the comp but you can not get it to threshold in the notes arround that 600 Hz area.

You would want the acc to be nice to the ear and fairly even in response and THEN compresse the acc.

Same goes for the Deesser. First you sort out the eq and comp. If it still runs of on the esses you can dees. True that it takes of hf and a compensation for that could be used. This can be done by going to a group that will give you yet another set of controls. I find one channelstrip plenty to reach the sound i wish.

But as for the chain it is by the book.