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i have this one poti wich is scratchy (probably dirty) i need urgently a plugin to assign the noise (prefearably a broken neve 8101
pan pot scratch with random dropouts)[;)]

here it comes chaps!!(watch me now)talking bout vintage:

preset called: Harrison 32c Audio Console (other consoles will be build on request as they are using different hardware)
needed parameters:

1. condenser dryness (set last full recap date / to be able to set the “how old is da locomtive”)
2. fader scratchness (from standard hamburger finger grease up to total cola stickyness)
3. bantam patchbay depression (from normal to suicidal annoyance,deep red led please)
4. smpte bleedin through whole console (selectable bleeding source either channel 1 or 24)
5. ground (mass) on off (aux potis dont find no zero no mo)big fun with sae newbies…
6. ribbon cable assembly musher (connect everything wrong (only with admin rights))
7. last but not least xlr corrosioness.


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 /