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Hi, Mark —

I experienced similar pain when I tried to run the Editor over WiFi. In the end I decided that it would be better to run the Editor on a small rack-mount PC in my FOH rack, with a hard-wired Ethernet connection to my Linksys router. The iDR itself would also be hardwired to the router. When I needed to be wireless I would grab my laptop computer, and use RDP (remote desktop protocol AKA Windows terminal services) to control the rack-mount PC. One benefit is that RDP appears to be far more tolerant of TCP/IP latency and dropped packets than the Editor.

However, I have yet to implement this solution in a show environment. The reason is that my Sabine wireless system transmits in the 2.4GHz band, and it shoots my WiFi network all to hell. Until I can swap out that wireless for one that doesn’t interfere with WiFi, I’ll continue to use armored Ethernet cable.

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