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Hi Andy – The iLive does send and receive midi for faders,mutes, DCA assign, name/colour and scene program changes so yes you can use a midi controller with moving faders – provided it can send/ receive the correct midi data. I have developed a custom environment in logic audio to convert the ilive midi data to work with a logic control (LC). This should also work with a BCF2000 if in logic control mode. With the LC bank keys you can access every channel of the iLive and the faders will all be recalled to their current position. My environment also offers some powerful other features when used with a logic/Mackie control – such as LC channel strip naming to match the iLive, a DCA solo mode, custom assignable strips (put what ever strips you need on the LC surface), DCA assignments, direct access to DCA’s , master fader, Scene recall plus 32 independent fader/mute scenes etc. The LC can be used as an extension to the ilive surface or stand alone with the editor/laptop (with midi connections from the mixrack). When using with a wireless Laptop I can also connect MIDI and 2 ch Audio to/from the mixrack over a single Cat5 cable (via USB extensions) to a Tascam US122 sound card. Check out these screen shots over at Pro Sound Web: https://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/fa/25411/0/ https://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/fa/25413/0/

The ilive Midi Spec can be found Here: https://www.ilive-digital.com/Downloads/iLive%20MIDI%20specification%20V1.3.pdf

I am intending to get some video uploaded to U-tube of the software/LC in use but I’ve been to busy to get it done! The requirements to get it to work are a 2×2 midi interface (1 Midi in/out for the LC, 1 Midi In/out to the iLive), Logic Audio (PC or MAc), plus a Logic Control or Mackie control universal in Logic control mode. If anyone is interested in this then let me know.

Graham – Interesting idea of using another iLive surface as a controller -Hopefully A&H will clarify if that could be done.