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Originally posted by Tuejo

How do you fast and easily deal with the routing for virtual soundcheck?

On the surface hit the MIXRACK button, Tap the Mixer Preferences button and you get a Global input page where you can either have All MADI inputs or All mixrack inputs (normal xlr sockets)

It takes about 5 – 10 seconds to flip between them.

One thing you do have to remember is to make sure that you take your recording software (in my case Logic 9) off of “Record Enable” mode other wise whilst you are playing your virtual soundcheck back the XLR sockets on the mixrack still route through to the software and because you have the software record enabled you hear this, Latency included! which is not ideal.

The show i did on sunday only allowed me 1hour to tune the system AND to soundcheck, So i just recorded the soundcheck and tweaked it on my headphones for a further 20minutes after the noise curfew.

30minutes – 40tracks @ 16bit / 48khz = 6Gb of space used.

Zero glitches + Zero problems = Zero Stress!