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OK heres my experience so far…

First thing i did was record 1x SM58 via RME Madiface straight onto my macbook pro…. Easy! I got it playing back without any issues. The preamp gain stayed the same and all was fine.

Second thing was 8 inputs for a small corporate show, this time the HD kept bugging out big time, caused a few crashes… apparently this is why you need a fast Firewire800 drive so £150 lighter i came home with a rugged 500gb LaCie drive.

Third gig was a 18 input band and only crashed twice in 2hours. The HD kept error-ing “Hard Disc too slow” WTF?!? it turns out that you have to turn the “Buffer” size on Logic and then you get no probs.

So today in rehearsal for a big show i got everything setup perfect… Large buffer size, closed all other programs and hit record. I was recording 40 inputs simultaneously without any problems for upto 45mins, it couldve been more if i didnt stop recording for breaks etc.

Virtual soundcheck is a breeze too…. I couldnt of got through this soundcheck without it.
Im starting to wonder how we ever did soundchecks before it was possible to endlessly loop a rack tom to get the EQ perfect or to replay a whole chorus just to time the Delay perfectly…

More info to follow soon…