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Wow, I’ve tried a couple of things and what’s got me really confused is on the ML4000 I could send channels to Aux Pre-Fade/Mute and basically I don’t have that option anymore?

I mean I see the Post/Pre option but that only seems to affect fader and not mute button.

My problem is, is if we have 10 Durm channels, 8 Violins, 3 Choir mics, to group those and send them to Aviom using Aux or Group channels when I mute them it cuts the signal to the aviom.

The way around it is to split the channels and create duplicates going to the appropriate Auxs, then I would need 20 Drum channels, 16 Violins, and 6 Choir. That’s 42 of my 64 channels already taken…

Aside from splitting pre-amp channels any other solution that won’t take up so many channels?