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Hi Luis.
The DCA mute is a ‘remote control’ of the mutes on the channels assigned to the master. When you press the DCA master mute it will mute those channels back at the channel. The channel mute affects all pre and post fade sends. This is preferred by most live engineers. For example, if a guitarist goes to pull out his lead you can quickly mute that channel and prevent the inevitable thump in the monitors as well as the main PA! Of course the DCA master fader level affects only the PA mix, not the pre-fade monitor sends. We are looking at including a future user option to choose whether the auxes follow mute or not.

For your application you could consider splitting those 10 drum channels so each preamp feeds two channels. The second set of channels could be used for your Aviom mix. If you do not assign the DCA master to those channels then the aux will not be muted when you mute the group. Splitting the sources into two sets of channels also gives you independent EQ and processing for the monitors. This is becoming quite a popular method of mixing when the monitors are controlled independently of the house mix from the same iLive mix engine.
Hope that helps,
Carey (A&H)