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Hi Mark

What router are you using?

is there anything else apart from the iLive system & Laptop plugged into the router?

Can you try using Static IP addresses for all of the devices on the network to see if this fixes the problem.

We recommend you set your IP settings up as follows:
MixRack Sub mask
TouchScreen 192168.1.3
We recommend you set:
Laptop Sub mask

Has the stage rack got DHCP capabilities ie can it assign ip’s to devices? Or which item has these capabilites if any?
No the mixrack, surface and touchscreen cannot distribute DHCP, Each device can recieve their IP settings by DHCP.

When setting up the router i selected the DHCP server icon, thinking it will need this to assign ip to Q1 Ultra running editor. Is this causing a mix up within the live family?
As long as your DHCP range is not conflicting with the IP addresses of any other device on the network this should not be a problem. But try setting the Q1 to a static address as shown above.

Let me know if it helps when using Static IP addresses

Sam A&H