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Robert – Just get it ordered! you will not regret it – We do all sorts of events – everything from corporate AV, Bands, Concerts to Theatre productions etc. One of my main concerns was the scene capability for Theatre shows however with current firmware (vers 1.5 or greater) the scenes can be customised to include or exclude what you need to store. There are a few things that are still missing that would be a good – as Mr B said a multiband compressor would be good. You still can’t side chain the compressors so you can’t to ducking etc but these features and other requests are known to A & H and are likely to show up in future firmware upgrades. A&H support has been fantastic with listening to end user requests and technical issues. I had a problem after a firmware upgrade due to customised network address’s and this was quickly sorted via the support site and the issue was fixed in the following firmware release. I think they sound great, are easy to use, and with the wireless laptop capability/ Digital snake offer features and power not available from any other manufacturer in the price range (to date anyway).

Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd
T112/ IDR48