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I always send a template showfile out to everyone when im a house guy in the hope that someone actually uses it… They rarely do…sigh:(

same here i also gave up in preparing (only) strip naming this summer i had a festival with 48 shows none (!) of them where like requested on the bands riders…its useless….ever since i do naming when the bands tec s on the set…its sad in fact almost nobody takes the advantage one has with digital consoles for real….

i think it has to do with the withspread of yamaha consoles
i tried to make some presets for my standard bands (by calling the distributor and asking wich models are standing around in switzerland)
now here it is : you cant make one template for all the desks coz they do not comunicate there is not even a tool to import strip naming
from one model to the other and forget about a little more complex things like a eq or filter or phantom…really stooooopid and probably the (understandable)reason why the engineers around dont do that.


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