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i save setups as scenes (i run 1 show loading a different one takes to much time) and from there on i create a (in my case called “basic” scene)
wich is my point of return in case i need it.

then depending on the events

Lets say a open air festival where there are only line checks and monitor adjustments one hardly needs another scene as it is a “work in progress thing” channel names are quickly imported via the editor and simple txt. files. The editor is a must because it helps you to change the strips very effectively and quickly (make the console look like the engineer wants)

if the engineers want to make their own setup before they come to the event (they have the editor or even the ilive) it is best to send em your show (coz you use different hardware outputs (going to amps and so on)then you have the scene mangager in editor…
besides that you can in and exclude items from being stored in scenes
and scene safe buttons on the channel strips in editor

so overall: you want to work with scenes not with shows


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