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hi mikey,

i´m from germany, so i´ve got no suggestion for a case-producer for you,
but i can tell you my case-solution.

i´ve a case for the surface with cablebox at the behind. there i´ve build in a patchbay for the jack in- and outputs to XLR.

the mixrack case is a customised 19″ rack. it has shockmounted rack fittings with 9RU. i build in a powerconditioner that´s provide high powershocks. at the behind of the rack i placed a little WLAN-router, that always connected with the mixrack, so i can use the editorsoftware wireless. the whole mixrack case is covered with an second case, a kind of overall case, i hope you know what i mean.
i can take out the 19″ rack and stand it on top of the overall case, so it´s quite comfortable to handle on stage and it is most safe for the transport in the overall case.