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Thanx for your replies.

I’ve been trying several things this weekend, but it is just not working the way i wanted.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but this is wat I do:

I have in scene ‘STDsetup’ 2 input channels configured. These inputs are for my speech settings. These work fine. In the scene ‘Band A’, i want to copy these 2 inputs(speechsettings) as configured in ‘STDsetup’ so i can use them there.

This is what i do: In SceneManager i recall the ‘Band A’ setting, so this is my current scene. Then in SceneManager i select ‘STDsetup’ and choose ‘Edit’ and select in Channel View these 2 input channels en choose ‘Update’. But it looks like nothing happens in het ‘Band A’ scene… Is my scene updated now, or not?

Hope you can help this newbie… [:I]

ILive T80/IDR32 Newbie…