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I achieved this via the direct out method. I work in theatre and setup our orchestra pit in a remote location (or fully covered pit). Currently I use an IDR32 in the pit and setup the preamps locally and send the direct outs immediately post pre-amp to my IDR10 via the Port B link using ACE cards (your IDR10 will definitely need a RAB2 card, and you will need the M-ES-V1-BASE as previously mentioned. The swap is easy, anyone who’s ever replaced a PCI card or RAM in a computer should be comfortable doing it). I set pre-amps and all monitors with the band via editor as we do not use a monitor surface (or engineer) and then move to FOH to set up my house mix. I keep a laptop running editor over the network at FOH in case I need to make a pre-amp adjustment during technical rehearsals. Of course the FOH surface has its own trim control, but I keep the editor open just in case we discover that the drummer’s foot on the kick wasn’t quite as strong during the initial sound check or the base player decides that he’s not slapping hard enough. This has worked for me on our current production, although our system is fairly new and I’m still learning so whether this is the best method I cannot say, but I can say it works great for me. I’m with you…these systems are great!


M. Jason Pruzin
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