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…I’m considering the iDR-32 being controlled by a PC for the console….I would be interested to know if any users are mixing this way and their experiences or any pitfalls to watch out for…

I’m using an iDR-32 with the Editor. Mine is a loud guitar rock band with 20+ inputs, two stereo playbacks, three internal and two internal FX, four monitor mixes, a stereo recording mix and LR+Subs. At the same time I’m singing lead, playing guitar and punching lighting cues on a footboard. My ADHD is quite well-fed by my environment [}:)]

I don’t even own a surface; I’m doing it all on a Dell XPS M1210 with a 12″ display. I’ve some skill with a mouse [:)] which I think gives me a big leg up. But I will agree that a notebook with a 17″ display would allow me to lay out the Editor windows in a more usable fashion.

Off the top of my head, the things that I’ve been missing the most are push-button control of delay tap tempo and effects mutes. I get by with my D-Two, Rev500 and my homebrew switcher with two channels of input muting. I also use a footswitch to do tap tempo on the D-Two. If I had a surface I could accomplish the same tricks with the soft switches and I wouldn’t have 3RU worth of effects gear cluttering up my iDR ATA rack. But then again, those switches wouldn’t be footswitches, so the solution wouldn’t be workable in my situation.

Another thing that I’ve been missing is the lack of audio inputs at front-of-house for playback, talkback and whatever-else-back. No big deal, whenever I’m not mixing from the side of the stage, I just pull a 6-channel copper snake along with my FOH power drop. If I had a surface I’d have A-to-Ds at FOH and I could send them to the stage on CAT5.

The final niggle for today is that the Editor doesn’t let you PFL the sidechain signal. With the surface, you have the ability to listen to the key.

It’s all golden with my 6RU baby [:D]