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Was a solution to this issue found that a user can implement himself? I had this problem, the board went in for service but I believe when the console arrived at the shop there were no problems. In any case all connections were checked for security and the board was run for several hours to be sure the problem did not reoccur. I received the console and finished the run of my show with no issues (great support in terms of getting me a replacement and then returning mine on dark days). Just moved the console to the house for tech and sadly the problem is back. I assure you there was no major jostling that would have caused cables to become disconnected unless they were already loose or prone to disconnect. Is there access to a manual that can tell me which of the many screws to remove so I can get into the board to check the cables to the SBC (without removing every single one)? How might one check the power harness? I’m competent with a volt meter so I can do it if I know where to check. I’ll be calling tech support tomorrow as well, but if any friends across the lakes have some suggestions they would be most appreciated.


M. Jason Pruzin
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