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Hi Tuejo

I have seen a few other similar comments about the Yamaha’s multi band comp https://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/m/480812/0/?srch=yamaha+multi#msg_480812

“For live we need the 2-4 KHz area separated as well” absolutely!

FWIW I would also be happy with a modified de-esser, which had adjustable Q and dynamic gain reduction, more or less like one band of a 901.

I have seen a few engineers use the old 402’s set at about 3 kHz as a simple, quick and easy way to remove harshness on vocals. It’s not the best tool, but it works.

Many engineers find the 901 too complicated and will not use it … that’s why I like the idea of an easy to use “super” de-esser that would also do simple dynamic EQ