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One of my favorite toys is BSS’s DPR901. Essentially, the iLive has everything – gate, hard/soft knee compression, De-essing etc. except something like this.

Typically I would use it to take some of the harshness out vocals especially at high SPLs. I would set it at frequency around 3KHz and above a certain threshold it would suck a hole out at that frequency. On top of that I would also apply standard compression. Although the 901 is capable of far more, for live applications I hardly ever use it for more than this.

Things like dynamic EQ and Multi-band compression are standard industry tools. Parallel compression is not, that’s not to say it does work etc. etc. its just that I would prefer a comprehensive set of standard tools as a first priority.

The PM5D has multi-band compression, the iLive does not. From an equipment hire inventory perspective, that’s +1 for Yamaha … if you know what I mean …

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