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For those who may be interested, it turned out the problem was that the iDR-32 rack was running firmware v1.43 and I was trying to connect with v1.5x (I tried them all). A&H reported to me that in the future to avoid confusion all racks will ship with a sticker over the network port indicating what version of firmware is loaded. In any case if you are purchasing a rack without a surface it may be best to be sure you have editor versions going back to v1.43, although I’m not sure how you would upgrade without a surface since you can’t upgrade via editor until v1.5x. I guess you’d have to request that your supplier take care of this before shipping the unit. For now my Dell 750m is actually running the rack beautifully so it doesn’t even require a super new and fast PC (although it hasn’t really been put to the test quite yet, and its normal control will be via an Intel Core 2 duo iMac). Unfortunately I can’t say the same for my Powerbook G4 (but it’s a known issue that these machines don’t work unless connecting to a full system).

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