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I’ve developed a custom environment in Logic Audio that lets a Mackie Control talk to the iLive. It provides seamless linked moving faders, Mutes and DCA assignments plus banks to access EVERY channel on the ilive – 128 channels! It also has a Solo in place mode, 32 stand-alone memory scenes (levels/mutes), direct DCA access and you can create custom channel layouts or custom channel scene recalls (ie only recall levels/mutes of channels 3,4,10-16 etc) Check out the screen grab pic of it’s inner workings!
Still a work in progress but I have already used it for radio mic monitoring backstage on a theatre show (21 radios) and our Radio tech loved it. I will do a video and post on line some time.

Check out info & screen grab pics here: https://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/mv/msg/41404/479670/22964/#msg_479670

This environment is set up more to use a Mackie Control as a control surface live along side the editor software but you could also use an iLive surface as a controller for Logic with it! The iLive MIDI spec only supports Fades/Mutes, DCA assignments, colour and naming (I’ve not supported that)and scene program change messages. If the iLive MIDI spec was expanded to include Mix/Pafl,Sel keys plus pans etc then a Mackie Control would be very powerful sitting beside a laptop with editor running.

Richard T112/IDR48