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Hi Timo I know Leon at the factory was going to do a tech sheet for this but don’t know if he had time.
basically on my iLive I use a Gigabit network to provide 2 or more VPN’s one for control and one for Ethersound. I got 2 cheap (£80)Gigabit network switches from Level One electronics(https://global.level1.com/product_d.php?id=342) you could use HP or Sisco anyone really, installed a multimode fibre (SFP port plug in module)this connects via a ready made LC-LC 0.5m dual link cable to a Neutrik panel Opticalcon connector. Link the two switches together using Neutrik ready made Fibre cables (https://www.bryant-broadcast.co.uk/iqs/cpti.835/dbitemid.608/sfa.view/cable_assemblies.html) That is about it. The total cost of 2 switches, 2 SFP modules 150m of Tactical fibre (very rugged)a few plugs a few short RJ45 leads came to less than £1,000. I spent a bit of time in the workshop cutting panels and making it look neat which I did not include the cost for, but hey that was my choice. It works, it is very reliable (so far) make sure there is plenty of ventilation the switches can get warm.

On my system I have 8 ports, 1&2 are for the iLive 3 is a clone of the iLive network link, I use this for Wifi and or Laptop control. 4,5 & 6 are spare (another iLive sometimes) 7 is a Gigabit copper port (could be used rather than fibre if the distance is less than 90m and 8 is the Fibre port.

There you go sorry this was such a long reply.
Any more info you need send me an e-mail.
Mr B.