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Hi A&H.

Great Mixer. My 2 cent probably said before but nothing wrong with a second on that.

Q value on the de-esser – maybe even a range or ratio. I find range works better for de essing. The Q should be able to do a high shelf also. Some way og making it more as a dynamic EQ. Throw in a attack and release time.

Multiband with 4 or 5 bands as FX for one af the FX machines. This unit should also be able to flip to a bigger dynamic EQ.

When the Madi for T-series comes I would also like some cool virtual soundcheck input flip features.

Last but not least. A PL pack with 24 1×1 cm buttons for mix select.

Maybe you should start a new wish list. I started from the top on this one and a lot of it is already made for the versions we are running now. Basicly you could make a new list for every major firmware release and start by stating what you already have heard and what you have in the pipeline for us :-)