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I gotta agree. I like what I’m hearing. Rack mounted UPS’s will be standard in my racks for my iLive system. I mean, once I get it, I’ll have over-budgetted anyways.

Then, onto some custom cabling and wiring so I can rack mount a wireless router so I can remote mount the antennas as well so all I have to do is roll up, plug in and get going. Of course, I’m still going to use a Furman power in those racks just to be safe.

For the cost, it’s cheap insurance. Since we’re dealing with “mission critical” devices in a live environment, anything we can do to minimize disaster should be taken. UPS’s aren’t that much and I do so much business with APC, I can definately get a few extra points off for a pair for myself.

Might as well learn from the mistakes of ohters. I sure as hell don’t have the time to make them all myself!

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