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I’m with MrB – I also always use the iLive with a UPS connected! I power both the mix rack, a wireless router and the surface from one UPS mounted with the IDR48. One power cable from the UPS in the mix rack out to FOH surface. Without a UPS it could take less than a second of dropped power to put you in the very uncomfortable 2 min wait for restart – not to mention that an intermittent power supply could cause serious damage to the system – it is after all a processor/computer/network with a few audio connections! If an over eager roadie pulls your power at the end of the gig you can still save your show and shut down correctly. Very cheap insurance in my book!

I use the UPS power switch to turn on/off the Mix Rack. More accessable than the IDR rear power switch and as you have to press and hold the UPS switch it won’t get accidently bumped.