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I agree that having the power for the mixrack on the front is a bad idea. That’s why my rack will have rails on the front and back, so I I can put the Furman unit and some other bits in the back. But the rack will still be at least 12-spaces, so plenty of room for other gear or routing cables. I can still put a light bar on the front inline with the mixrack’s front for illuminating that for the crew to be able to see what they are doing.

For live apps, I definately am not a fan of the IEC cables unless a lock bracket is included, and even then, I’m not a fan of it. I’d much prefer any sort of locking connector and a powercon would do just as good as anything else.

No point in going over the digital/analog debate. I love analog, love out it sounds. Already an A&H customer, and the iLive seems to be designed with the way I operate in mind. The iLive will be a great desk to have at my command once I get used to it. Once I get it, I’m just gonna lock myself up with it for a month or more and learn absoslutely everything, then work with a band for another month to do real-world testing for their rehearsals, then time to bring it out to the world. I have a learning curve for digital, and I’ll be able to take my time learning it while still having a fully functional system ready at a moment’s notice.

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