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Well, I can’t speak for your greasy paws, but when have to clean displays, including touch screens, I’ve had good results sometimes with a damp towel or cloth. If I need a bit stronger, I’ll use a bit of Windex sprayed sparingly on a dry cloth or towel(cotton only!) and gently wipe and check from a zillion angles and repeat as necessary.

I use it on my iPhone, all my LCD screens on laptops, my flat panel Plasma, my CRT’s and many other plastic and glass surfaces.

It removes my greasy prints no problem.

As far as response time, I think firmware 1.53 is out and addresses this issue. Let’s see what A&H says to do. Patience and a show are two mutually exclusive things!

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Allen & Heath ML5000 48B and future iLive T112/IRD48 owner.