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Well, my thoughts are that the surface is merely a really fancy interface with some audio IO, and that ultimately, the shows are stored on the IDR-48, which could be flawed logic since shows can be loaded from the editor software as well as the surface. I intend to use my iLive both with and without the surface, but mainly with the surface. I have one cramped venue where not having the surface will be handy, just route extra cabling back to the IDR-48 so I can record right off a matrix set of outputs.

Since it seems to me that the IDR rack has to be powered up first, then the surface to sync, it would make sense to power down in reverse order of power on. At least that’s how my line of thought is working.

I do like how the power switch on the surface is not very accessible. Even so, I’d have appreciated a set of rails around it just to ensure no accidental pressings, perhaps even with a safety cover. No excuse for it bouncing around in a dog house and getting hit by accident. I also like how the IDR has no front-panel accessible power switch, which is just one less thing for people on the stage to try to mess with. But, when I get mine, it will arrive and be placed in a shock mounted rack with 4″ casters, and will have room for a Furman PL-Plus. Fortunately, bands know to not touch the stage gear. Since my application is pretty much touring, I gotta protect the gear best I can.

I’m anxious to see what A&H says. I think I’ll go read a few pages of the manual this evening. Since I’ll be waiting much longer than expected to dive in, might as well get caught up on printed material.

And to think, I could have bought mine in full in cash before the end of October….

I can’t totally complaint. I have an ML5000 48B and I absolutely love that console. I’ll just have to “suffer” another year with that fantastic console!

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