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I don’t have an iLive T112 with an IDR48 yet. Thanks to a client changing contract payment terms, I will now have to put off my purchase over 18 months, while taking a massive loss. Isn’t small business great?
(I have to pay up front, but the client pays me back monthly… I’m out the money up front, client has now crippled business for the year since all my capital was tied into that purchase for them)

Anyhow, powering off? I’d power off my amps first. Last on, first off. Why change that? Then I’d say the surface, then the rack. Smack your colleague around until he gets it through his thick skull the proper order of things.

Powering off the IDR rack? All my racks have a Furman power unit of some sort in there, which has power on the front, plus I almost always go for the units with the lights on the front. Flip the lit-up red switch to power on/off.

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Allen & Heath ML5000 48B and future iLive T112/IRD48 owner.