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When will this be released? I saw that you were running it at Plasa.

1.53 is out, but will it work with a 1.0GHz Touch Screen Computer ?

This is what AH said…

Firmware V1.51 and V1.53 when used on iLive-80, iLive-112, iLive-144 and iLive-176
Some customers have experienced problems with iLive system speed relating to channel naming with V1.50 or V1.51 firmware. This issue only affects older systems which use a 1.0 GHz control surface Touch Screen Computer.

We are currently working on the next maintenance release (Question – 1.53 or 1.54???)which will fix this problem for 1.0 GHz Touch Screen Computers. This firmware is expected to be released shortly

Meanwhile if your iLive control surface has a 1.0GHz Touch Screen Computer and you are experiencing problems, we advise you to revert to V1.43 firmware. Please be aware that in doing so, any shows that have been prepared in version 1.5 will not work – in which case you should revert to your V1.43 shows. Please visit http://www.ilive-digital.com/firmware in order to download V1.43.

0001608: Channel naming The TouchScreen could slow down or freeze when naming
channels quickly – performance has been improved.

Question – improved or fixed ????