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In theatre, you might have an actor with a sore throat, an understudy, etc. So the gain needs to be adjusted in each scene.

Thats why I only store channel mutes,levels,sends and routing for any actor channel in theatre show scenes. That way you can make changes to any gain,eq,dynamics settings etc on the fly without subsequent scenes resetting everything. To do this you need to first set up a scene with the custom store settings you require (edit scene and remove input channel processing etc for the actor channels) then copy this to multiple scenes. Then at show rehearsals just hit UPDATE scene (don’t ever store all!). At the end of each rehearsal go back to scene 1 and store all and this will back up all gain/eq/processing etc. If there is a problem during a show – just change the gain – or eq etc as these settings won’t be reset with any scene recalls other than Scene 1. No need to use input safe mode at all and you still have recalled levels/mutes, sends etc. I generally don’t store any ouptut settings either for similar reasons. You can then freely eq FOH, monitors, change levels etc for differing crowd sizes and so on. Works for me!
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