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Thanks for the responses, I’ll try the setup suggested and see what happens.

I finally did do what you suggested, Graham, and found the inputs starting around fader 50. What I was trying to do, as this was a very small show, was get several mike inputs on layer A plus the two stereo feeds assigned to channels that were already on layer A, rather than all the way down in layer D. All the controls would have been under one hand rather than swapping back and forth between layers.

I guess, in the default T112 layout, assigning all of them above the highest rack channel available for mike inputs on the mix rack, in this case above 48, makes sense, but not what I wanted to do for this particular event. We ran only 3 mikes but had two stereo mixes, so having them on the same layer would be easier to navigate. I eventually got the A inputs moved where I wanted them using the laptop.

But the issue was that the input sockets were not to be found using the touch screen interface. When I try the method that Doug has suggested, I will have learned where they live so I can patch them wherever I want them, either to a stereo pair or to a pair of mono input channels.

The other issue is not being able to assign the C inputs using Editor version 1.51, the A inputs could be dragged to the appropriate fader but not the C inputs.

Is that any clearer?