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Hello All

There are now 2 topics on iLive External Touch Screen compatability so I’ll answer in both.

The software to support the external touch screens from GVision was installed during the normal firmware update procedure, I believe around version V1.20.

This means anyone with an iLive regardless of the Touch screen computer model can make use of the GVision monitors, providing they have the necessary connectors on the back of their surface …..

A small number of early iLive Surfaces were shipped without the 15 pin D-SUB external VGA connector fitted, and these systems obviously can’t use an external touch screen at present.

For these systems there is however a kit which can be ordered through Technical support, which removes the blanking plate and adds the VGA connector and cable. This is probably what svelting is refering to.

For all other iLive-T and iLive consoles which already have the VGA connector on the rear of the surface and who are up to date in terms of firmware, the GVision 15″ should work out of the box.

The 17″ external screen I believe has the X / Y axis inverted and to correct this, when you plug the monitor in, under Utility, you will see an external touch calibration tool, which can be used to correct the axis inversion.

Hope this helps