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I’d guess that since the iLive series has, or at least in pictures, appears to have a 15-pin VGA video output port, plus the USB ports, that you should be good to go with the larger external screen solution A&H recommended.

Looking at page 10 of the iLive(not iLive T-series) reference manual, I see that there is in fact a VGA port, which as they say “Option to connect a monitor screen to the VGA output to duplicate the TouchScreen Display”. Plus, with the very specific recommendation by A&H, I’d say you don’t need to do anything outside of get the right display and fnd something to stand it on. I suppose with the doghouse area being rather sparse, assuming you have a road case, I guess you could somehow find a way to permanently mount a swing-arm intended for mounted an LCD flat panel display onto if you must go for compact.

For me, I don’t want to lug around an extra screen since I’ll be mobile 95% of time since I’m a live sound production company. It’s nice to know there is an option.

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