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It’s nice to see not only A&H standing behind the product, but responding to known working solutions for what could be common issues such as this, so we don’t have to go find out for ourselves.

I think if I can handle my iPhone, I’m probably doing pretty good as far as being “toch screen” compatible. I just wonder how I’ll be when the crap starts flying thick and heavy when I do a festival show and for some reason a band starts tanking on me and it’s time to get off the “donut chair” so I can “pull a miracle out of the posterior” to compensate for a bad band.

Time is ticking down until I can afford an iLive T112 with an IRD48. I just hope i still have money left over for road cases! A&H was great in letting me play with an ML5000 a while back which resulted in the sale of a ML5000 48B. Been pleased with the attitude of the company(as opposed to some of the others who won’t give me the time of day), and so A&H and I seem to be a natural choice for each other.

Chris Pickett, Studio42 916-601-7089
Allen & Heath ML5000 48B and future iLive T112/IRD48 owner.