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You could probably use LCR+ mode to do this. For the left stage pan all channels left, then use the L/R center balance control as the pan which will pan between left and center speakers. For the right stage pan all channels right and again use the L/R center as the pan – but it will be backwards: rotated to the left (L/R position) will send that channel to the right speakers, rotating to the right (center) will go to the center speakers. I haven’t tried this but think it should work as I used this mode to do a L/R Rear speaker set up. To then get the opposite speaker hang to provide fill you could have the main L/R outs feed from a matrix and send some of the left master (and or center channel) to the right and vica-versa. This should give you a left/Center/matrix mix or a right/center/matrix mix.
Anyone care to try this?