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I’m planning on upgrading to Snow Leopard fairly soon, but even so, I’m buying it in a few days so I have it handy when it comes time to upgrade. I’m mainly holding off since DigiDesign is saying to wait. Since I do most of my work on an MacBook Pro running BootCamp, I also have XP Home loaded on the machine. I find if some upgrade/update causes something I use(such as ProTools) to stop working, I boot to the other OS and keep on chugging along. Sort of a best of both worlds. The current iLive editor, to the best of what I can determine, works just fine on XP on a MacBook Pro. Of course, I don’t have an iLive system yet, so I’m learing the editor to jump start my learning. I haven’t installed it when booted as a Mac yet. I mainly use this laptop as a PC, but I prefer ProTools as a Mac.

My solution is good as it means fewer computers to lug around, or at least in theory.

I wonder what will happen when Apple runs out of big cats to name their OS after? Could be interesting!

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