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I guess if you can’t find an old Palm Pilot one, there are plenty of other alternatives. Checking office supply places might be a good starting point as they do sell some styli that look like retractable pens. Some are affordable enough that a few can be kept handy in your kit.

You can get Nintendo DS ones rather readily. Tie some decent strength string to it, and then find some sort of adhesive cable restraint to tie the other end of the string to and then place that restraint to an out of the way position. Good way to keep the stylus from getting lost, but I don’t think I’m going to try this idea. I just don’t want to stick something to my iLive T112 once I get it.

I guess once I take delivery of an iLive T112 and start playing with it a lot, I’ll know if my fingers are too fat or if I’m too finger sloppy to use the touch screen.

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