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I found the problem.
I have made a clear and straight away routing. Switched off every group, fx, dca etc. Every IP is directly routed to the mains.
All processing is switched off, PAD is set off etc. GAIN is set to 25dB for all IP’s.
Then I discovered that there was only noise at the stereo channels.
While gaining up the stereo channels to max, the noise becomes very loud. The noise is also not steady, but is (not constantly) sometimes moving a little bit to the left and right.
This is not the fact at the mono channels. Mono channels stays completely silent.

On the IDR32 side I have not connected any wire on the Input side.

Could that be the problem? That there is no synchronization between the 2 inputs because the earth is not connected?
I can not imagine any other reason.

That means actually that it should be better to setup every channel as mono channel, and using pan to bring in a stereo image.

My request to A&H is to check this and what could be done to resolve this.

Please let me know.

Best regards