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From my experience running a show on an IDR10/ilive144 and then moving directly to another room and running on an IDR48/iliveT112, I’ve found the Ilive T to respond noticeably faster to commands from the surface, especially when going from menu to menu on the touch screen. Seems kind of weird to me since the T is the smaller, cheaper console. . .

Are you making this comparison before or after you have initiallized the the touch screen menus.

Page 13 of reference manual issue 2 supplied with ilives with v1.41

Note: With the current version of firmware we recommend that you
initialise the TouchScreen pages immediately after powering up the
system. Press each key below the screen in turn to allow its page to appear. The ROUTING and FX pages can take up to 12 seconds to initialise. Once this is done for the first time subsequent access to these pages is instantaneous.

I don’t know if this holds true to the newest firmware though, we havn’t updated to 1.51 yet.