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does the utp has to be CAT5e or is CAT5 also supported?
witch RJ45 connection do i use ? T-568A or T-568B


I”m gonna stick my neck out on the line a bit on this one, considering my first posting and I don’t own an T112 or an IRD48(yet).

Me personally, I will be making my own cabling using Cat6, but Cat5 and 5e should be fine for shorter runs(sub 100-feet or so, but the spec says you can go much longer). I have the tools and am familiar with the Ethercon connectors so I’ll be making my own.

I personally like the T-568B wiring schematic, in part because I have it memorized and every client of mine(mainly data comm) uses that as their wiring standard.. Just, whatever you do, just pick one and stick with it. It doesn’t matter of you go T568A or B, as long as you are consistent. As a minimum, be consistent PER CABLE, as in the end it is a 1 to 1 wiring scheme.

I’ve been making all my Cat5 cables using T568B for years. I use it on everything from my routers, switches, hubs and computers, to even my Aviom system and for vidoe baluns. I also use it for T1 access, as well as older 56K lease line circuits and ISDN. Never once gave me any grief or hassle UNLESS I did something wrong.

In regards to 3 minute windows for QOS, sorry, but I feel that is way too long of a window for live sound. I can easily accept that for data comm, as TCP will allow for the resending of packets. And yes, the iLive surface is mainly that, a surface, but you are running audio down that too. Isn’t that what part of ACE is?

For something where real time is critical, I’d want windows of like 15 seconds, or as a mininum, 1 minute.

One of my concerns is that I intend to get an RTA for the mains, and I want network access to it. So, I’ll discuss that topology with A&H later as I want to reduce my wiring to the barest minimums between FOH and stage. Right now I use an A&H ML5000 48B, and that big 56-channel multicore and then a DMX cable and 2 Cat5’s, well, the big multicore is the issue. I don’t mind running a small bundle of small cables as much. I have a few regular places where I can simply lay down a ruggedized Cat5/6 cable and leave it and it will stay there for my next event.

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