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Hi Lieven

With regards to ACE

The traffic lights in the Surface Link info window on the Status page show QOS – Quality of service of the connection between MixRack and Surface.

Green means no packet errors have been recorded in the last 3 Minutes
Orange means 1 -> 2 errors have been recorded in the last 3 minutes
Red means 3 or more errors have been recorded in the last 3 minutes

This is a rolling window of 3 minutes, meaning that errors drop-out of the calculation after 3 minutes have past.

A 3 error cluster will turn the traffic lights to Red; this will then return to green after 3 minutes if no further errors are found.

If you have 1 error every 50 seconds continuously this will result in the light going red and will stay in the red.

2 quick errors then 1 error within 3 minutes will result in the traffic light going red briefly, then to orange (as the first two errors drop out of the window 3 minute window), then back to green 3 minutes after the last error.

With regards to cabling

If you are getting regular errors it is a good idea to check your cable quality and make sure that the Ethercon connections on the iLive system are clean and in good condition.

Your cable length seems fine but I am unsure of the quality of the cable you are using. Below is a link to the recommended/Tested cable we supply at A&H.


Hope this helps

Best Regards
Sam A&H