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two new ones:1. as mentioned before; a speaker simulator (based on impulse responses) as effect-example: yesterday i had three acoustic guitars on the (outdoors) show,setting microphones (besides the pickups)was no option coz we had quiet strong wind, several times in my studio i had good results by fixing up live recorded (pickup only) acc gtrs with a micrcophone impulse response (warmer more natural sounding).2. the other wish would be a input delay option on the modulators: example: i have a very loud guitar on stage (small open air or club) coming with a agressive gibson sg on a marshall plexi(much hi mids) i managed to make him “bigger” but not louder on the pa by using the ADT 2TRACK VOX setting where i did cut off the high mids-sounded nice, now to make this perfect i would need to have to delay the distance from the amp to the pa. of course there is a workaround by adding a separate (dsp) channel (thats how i did it)-delay this one and send it into the effect,but having the option at the input side of the effect would be slick….


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