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Firstly … thanks to the staff at AH for their help…. Fantastic! Recently I have been to hell and back with firmware issues from other manufactures and I must say AH gets 11 out of 10 for their response.

It looks like there was initial problem with 1.50 that caused the surface and rack to loose connection. I don’t have the event logs for this so it is not possible to determine the exact cause….. anyway ….

This is what happened — In desperation I managed to access to the internet with a radio modem and a laptop. I down loaded and installed the new version 1.51. It appears that the down load with the radio modem was the problem. The un-zipped file is not quite the right size and contains the incorrect number of files. Realizing that this had happened I tried to reload 1.51 but the desk would not let me over write the same version (apparently there is a way but I did not know how at the time)… when I got back to the shop I was able to over write 1.51 with 1.43 and then 1.51 again….all good.

Version 1.51 seems to work perfectly and I love some of the new features!

So for what its worth I would recommend 3 things.

• Keep a backup of your old and new firmware with you.
• Don’t use a radio modem to down load files.
• That AH also keep a link to the old firmware versions (1.43) etc on their web page… just in case.



I love being able to swap the pan function for a gain function, but it makes the sends on rotaries difficult.

I love being able to set up the soft keys so that I can press soft key 1, 2, 3 ..etc and go straight to monitor send 1,2,3 etc. bring up the EQ screen immediately.