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Finally got 1.43 loaded … all looks good again. Unfortunately not in time for last night’s show!

Please AH if you release new firmware please keep the old stuff until you are absolutely sure its not needed!


Update…Now that I have time-

• Loaded 1.50 no problems … tested OK in the shop.
• First show with 1.50 – loaded pre–programmed show from a Mac.
• All looks OK then an error message – the rack and surface had lost connection.
• Swapped cables and rebooted.
• All OK then the screen locks …. and … and … so on.
• Then tried to down load 1.43 from web … can’t find it but there is now 1.51 available.
• Down load 1.51 and update firmware …. I don’t think it loaded correctly and the desk keeps locking up.
• Try to reload it … wont let me.

PANIC…. (best if I don’t go into details)

• Next day – down load 1.51 again and try to reload it. No go.
• Eventually I found an old copy of 1.43 and it reloads without issue.
• Test 1.43 with the things that caused 1.5 and 1.51 to crash and lock – no problem.
• Try to reload 1.51 – this time all looks good.