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A quick suggestion from my experience of iLive and various other digital consoles.

It would be really nice to me if there was a user preference for automatically de-select after a set time period. For example when mixing i might want to alter an eq on a bass di, but for some reason don’t select an input strip and end up re eqing the main vocal, things like this can be easily done when the pressure is on and you start rushing.. but if for example there was an ‘auto cancel’ on strip selects after 15/30/60 seconds of no encoder activity, then you’d be forced to press the appropriate select button before making changes.

On another note, our t-80 and idr32 was delivered on thursday. It has done 2 shows this weekend, both with me at the helm and GOSH it sounds really good, and i’m already confident with it. I think there is some work to be done from my perspective about prefered layouts, but that will come with time.

Thanks A&H!